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Nature's Greatest

Binga Beach

Rediscover the last frontier of Palawan at Binga Beach — one of the most pristine, undeveloped and unknown beaches in Palawan.

We feature big, expansive 17.5 square meter (188 square foot) glamping cabins with high ceilings, premium mangium hardwood floors and big spacious patios just a stone’s throw walk from the beach.

We are the only tourism-related entity on the 1.2 kilometer long Lumambong beach in the placid Binga Bay. You will have the pristine, white sand beach (seriously, look) nearly all to yourself. It’s just us and the local fishermen – get up early and you can help them pull in the nets!


Easy access via a 45 minute drive North from San Vicente airport, roughly halfway to El Nido.

Situated at the northern end of Lumambong beach in Barangay Binga, at the very foot of Mt. Capoas, the tallest mountain in Northern Palawan.


To preserve the unspoiled nature and minimize our impact on the environment we offer small footprint beachside glamping next to our beautiful mangrove forest creek, just a quick walk back from the beachfront. Fully supported by bathrooms, showers, WiFi, bar and restaurant service and resupply amenities. All 100% solar powered.

We also feature our own 26 person capacity boat, the ZeaStar, which you can hire for long island hopping and picnic days out to the hidden, gorgeous and uninhabited beaches and islands around us that are inaccessible any other way.

Can see our boat and amazing beaches here:

Our new 26 person boat the ZeaStar at a favorite beach spot

And here can see the resort grounds:

Binga Beach has a ‘hidden’, intimate and natural atmosphere.  

Hidden in the sense that it’s very much off the beaten path and relatively unknown. It used to take several hours to reach Lumambong beach and the Binga town until recently when the San Vicente airport started operations in late 2018 and new high quality roads are currently finishing construction.

Now it only takes 45 minutes to arrive at our property from the airport! Our location is prime being halfway between EL Nido to the North and San Vicente and Port Barton to the South.

You can find out more in our blog article: What and Where is Binga Beach?

Intimate as we have only very few accommodations, and as we’re the only accommodations on the beach — you have it completely to yourself! Binga is only a very small farming and fishing town. There are no tourists here; only the villagers, us, and you, our guests.

Natural because the beach has nearly no development whatsoever. No hustle and bustle, no crowds, motorbikes or throngs of boats. The whole area is super lush; located at the foot of Mt. Capoas, the tallest mountain in Northern Palawan, and the beach area is broken up by an exotic creek of mangroves and hills. The water is super calm as we’re tucked into a protected corner of Imuaran Bay, facing West for amazing sunsets.

Our group is committed to a low environmental impact. Our location is completely off the grid so we are 100% solar powered and all our facilities are using very clean and modern brand new infrastructure.


We are an international bunch, with majority Filipino ownership in our Binga Beach Brothers Inc. company. Partners are from the Philippines, USA, UK and Vietnam.

We are committed to being an engaged and constructive partner in the local community for its well-being, education, development and environmental protection. Can see more information on our Community page.

Contact us to find out more.

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