We’re so much more than ‘just’ a gorgeous beach! Binga Beach is your base camp for adventure.

Located at the foot of Mt. Capoas, the highest mountain in northern Palawan, we’re ready to help you get to the top!

Our beach is beautiful, but it’s not just Lumambong beach at your fingertips, it’s Imuaran island just a short ride across Binga Bay, or the hidden and remote beaches around the corner from us along the Capoan Peninsula. And then right around that corner? Malampaya Sound which is a huge nature preserve, and then Bacuit Bay, the area that makes El Nido famous.

Our activities include:

Traditional Kayaking:

Check out our fleet of native banka boats! Long used by fisherman in the Philippines, these sleek craft are quick in the water and very stable with their wide ama outriggers. Perfect to load up with food and gear for a quick adventure to the hidden and secluded beaches around the corners from our Lumambong Beach.

Our original ‘Little Blue’ boat we fell in love with and is the base model for the boats we’re building

Boat Tours and Island Hopping:

You don’t feel like paddling all the way across the sea? No worry, our Captain JoJo and crew have you covered. Just off our coast and a short ride away are the amazing, secluded and private beaches of Imuaran island. No one is there except for the caretaker and us. We also make regular stops to other private beaches that we’ll show but not name to help keep them private! We’re also keen on sunset tours. Pack up the boat and let’s cruise!


There are some beautiful fish and underwater wildlife around here! On these trips Stand-up-Paddleboards also get broken out and we have a grand old time lazing about the water. It’s serene.

Mountaineering and Hiking:

The view from the top of Mt. Capoas is breathtaking and worth the climb! Our local guides can help get you to the top if you are in good physical condition. The mountain is quite tall reaching 1012 meters (3313 feet) and to reach the top should be split up into 2 days with one night spent halfway up. We can provide all the equipment required, please advise in advance so we can schedule with the guides.

Shorter hikes also possible of course, and can reach beautiful hidden waterfalls within a day hike. Challenge yourself!


A traditional Filipino sailing paraw (like pictured below) is coming soon! Under construction as we speak 🙂

Surf Trips:

Our own beach is a little too calm 95% of the time for surfing (but that’s great for casual swimming, launching kayaks off the beach and sailing) but we regularly load up the truck with the guests and boards to our favorite surf spots up the coast when the conditions are right for it. If you like to surf let us know ahead of time and we’ll put the word out for everyone to let us know about the best conditions. Check out our article about the best surf spots in Palawan:

Beach Lounging:

Yeah it’s not as adventurous but it’s one of our favorite things to do! There’s no shame in being lazy on the beach, sitting in the shade, going for a swim when you feel like it, reading a book (or not, that’s ok too!) No pressure here at Binga Beach, you do what you like!

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