Bird’s Eye View of Binga Beach


Well, it’s the age of drone photography and videos. We’re guilty of flying these dastardly contraptions overhead, but we try to keep it to a minimum. But really, the views are worth it.

Check out this video from our Aussie buddy. Make sure your volume isn’t too loud as he added some extra punchy jazz music.

Main Binga Beach aerial overview. 1 minute:

Note in the above video that the ground is pretty dry as there had been a pretty long spell without rain. On average all the ground cover is green though.

OK, now with our partner Franz at the helm of his machine it’s just the wind and the waves. In these videos can see the white fence posts that surround our property.

Beachfront heading back to road, full property inspection view. 40 seconds:

credit: Franz

Middle palm tree section, crossing mangroves creek, and just starting to view forward palms. 30 seconds:

credit: Franz

See above the thicket of trees in the middle? That is the very special and protected mangrove creek we build the rope bridge through.

Middle of property, some ground inspection, and then further up to the coast. 1 minute:

credit: Franz

Hope you enjoyed the view and get to join us soon to check it out. 🙂

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