Book Donations Land at Local Schools

Children receive donated school supplies

Big news! After a lot of logistical challenges and effort, we succeeded in shipping a large number of books and school supplies from the US to the Philippines and then to our beloved island of Palawan, then trucked them north from Puerto Princesa to Binga where we could get them into the hands of the children who needed them so much.

Lots of Books and Supplies for the Kids!

We’re happy to report the delivery of over 750+ books and school supply sets to the children of two local schools nearest us at Binga Beach: the Indigenous People’s School overseen by Ms. Auntie Lye up the mountainside near us on Mount Capoas, and the Binga Elementary School led by head admin Jennifer Gonzalez right near us.

Books = Big Smiles!

Can see here some pics of the children happy to receive the books and supplies. Our manager and partner David was there to make sure every child received all the materials and books they could hope for. Big surprise for us, among some of the more popular items were the pencils and erasers! Apparently you can never have enough of the most fundamental supplies.

More Books Still on the Way

A second wave shipment of books is still on the high seas, apparently some whales delayed the ship to have a check at the science books and make sure enough books about the ocean were in there! Pesky whales. Plus, it’s a long way by sea from the US to the Philippines. We shipped by sea of course to keep everything economical and making sense.

Many Thanks to the Generous Donors!

A hearty thank you to all of you who participated with donations and time! Big shout out to Marjorie; Paul, Kerrie and their boy; Clarissa, Brian and their kids, Marilyn, Steve, Griff, Jessica, Hunter, Britney, and their family’s children, and last but not least David and Queenie and all the staff at Binga who volunteered time and energy.

Thank you all so much, the kids are happily reading and studying, their horizons and opportunities have all been broadened a little bit today!

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