Conquering Mt. Capoas: A Journey Through Nature’s Majesty

View from base camp area

Our adventure to the peak of Mt. Capoas in the stunning locale of Palawan was an experience that intricately woven together the threads of beauty, challenge, and camaraderie.

Under the expert guidance of Jasper Arcinas, whose professionalism and extensive knowledge of the terrain were invaluable, we embarked on a three-day trek that would etch unforgettable memories in our hearts.

Entering jungle
Entering the jungle north of Mt. Capoas

Day 1: Ascent to the Campsite

The air was filled with anticipation as we started our journey on the first day. Our backpacks were heavy, but our spirits were high. Jasper, with his natural leadership and infectious enthusiasm, briefed us about the trail ahead. We began our ascent through lush forests, where the symphony of birds and rustling leaves played a welcome tune.

The route was a mix of steep climbs and narrow paths that tested our endurance. Jasper’s insightful commentary about the various flora and fauna we encountered kept us engaged and educated.

By late afternoon, we reached the designated campsite. Nestled amidst tall trees and enveloped by the serenity of nature, the site provided a perfect respite after a day’s hard work, a natural stream to dip in!

Happy climbers taking a break
On the way to base camp

We set up our tents and gathered around for a meal, sharing stories and enjoying the sense of accomplishment. The sky turned into a tapestry of stars as the night deepened, and we retired to our tents, readying ourselves for the climb to the summit the next day.

Happy hikers smiling
Jasper and guest hiker

Day 2: Summit Challenge

The second day began early. As the first light of dawn broke through, we packed up and started towards the summit. The trail became more challenging, with rocky outcrops and steeper inclines. Each step demanded focus and determination. Jasper led the way, ensuring our safety while motivating us to push through our limits.

As we climbed higher, the vistas became increasingly breathtaking. The panoramic views of Palawan’s islands and the expansive sea were mesmerizing. After several hours of strenuous effort, we finally reached the summit of Mt. Capoas.

View from Mt Capoas peak area
Ferns near mountain top

The feeling was indescribable. Standing at the top, with the wind in our hair and an unobstructed view of nature’s grandeur, we realized that the journey was as significant as the destination.

Group at Mt. Capoas Summit
Crew resting after arriving at summit

Day 3: Descent to Binga Beach Resort

The third day marked our descent back to civilization. Although physically exhausted, our spirits were buoyed by the success of the previous day. The trek downhill, while less taxing than the ascent, required careful footing. We navigated the trails with a mixture of satisfaction and fatigue.

By midday, we arrived at Binga Beach Resort. The transition from the rugged trails to the soothing beach was a welcome change. The resort, with its sparkling sands and gentle waves, was an oasis of relaxation. Reflecting on our achievement while lounging by the sea was the perfect way to conclude the expedition.

Mt Capoas as seen from Binga Beach Resort
Mt. Capoas as seen from Binga Beach Resort on Lumambong


Our three-day hike to the top of Mt. Capoas was undoubtedly a challenging endeavour. It tested our physical and mental limits and brought us closer to nature in its rawest form. Jasper, with his unwavering support and extensive expertise, was the linchpin of our successful journey. The experience was more than just a hike; it was a testament to teamwork, perseverance, and the boundless beauty of Palawan. As we left Binga Beach Resort, we carried with us not just the memories of picturesque landscapes but also a sense of pride and accomplishment that would last a lifetime.

Mt Capoas and jungle in morning mist
Mt. Capoas and jungle in the morning mist

Find it on Google Maps:,119.2579175,13z/data=!4m6!3m5!1s0x33b66700578f13c5:0x948c09ee7ad17605!8m2!3d10.8091715!4d119.2888165!16s%2Fg%2F11ldc_nxcg?entry=ttu

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