20 Glamping Resorts in the Philippines


Post-Covid, what will be the case for glamping in the Philippines?

Its appeal is already apparent – more space between people at the glamping sites compared to the stuffy, enclosed hallways and small rooms of hotels, and being farther out in nature away from the urban hustle and bustle.

Before Covid, glamping was already catching on quite well in the Philippines. The head of Lampara, a favored glamping resort in Siargao comments: “Glamping in the Philippines is quite “new” in the sense that, while there are now some glamping resorts all over the country, it is still at its infancy stage and we believe that it will just continue to grow in the next following years.

From our experience and from what we have observed, glamping is well received and enjoyed by Filipinos, especially those who love to travel and are always looking for a new and fresh accommodation experience.”

Whether pre-covid or post, we love glamping as one of the quickest and easiest ways to get back to nature in a flash. You can pack light as if for a quick weekend hotel stay, but yet find yourself immersed in nature as if you had trekked there!

Choose among one of our favorite glamping resorts in the Philippines below and find yourself away from the concrete jungle in no time.

  1. Binga Beach Resort
  2. Nayomi Sanctuary Resort
  3. Nurture Wellness Village
  4. Lampara Siargao
  5. Glamping Alona
  6. Anda Poseidon’s Beach Resort
  7. Pili Paninap Farm
  8. River Front Garden Resort
  9. Bloc Campsite
  10. North Beach Camp
  11. Glamping Philippines
  12. Noni’s Resort
  13. Archery-Asia & Nipa Huts
  14. Soul Tribe Beach Resort
  15. Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort
  16. San Rafael River Adventure
  17. Ten Cents To Heaven Leisure Camp
  18. Sagada Heritage Village
  19. Singalong Nature Campsite Hill
  20. Punta Punta Surf Retreat

We have asked the Resorts the following questions:

  1. What is it that makes your glamping facility special and unique?
  2. How is glamping being perceived and growing in the Philippines?

Let’s see what they have answered.

Uniqueness of Glamping Facilities

Binga Beach Resort

Binga Beach Resort is 100% solar powered with a big focus on a low environmental impact evident in their many local conservation initiatives. Located 45-minutes from San-Vicente airport and about halfway to El Nido. Right from their large, well-furnished, hardwood floor glamping tents you will see the magnificent Mt. Capoas and be just steps away from the gorgeous white sand Lumambong Beach. Only inhabited by a few fishing families, you will have this beach all to yourself which is a welcome change from crowded Port Barton or El Nido. Prepare for some great relaxation and adventure with sailing, kayaking, stand-up-paddle boarding, fishing, island hopping, mountain biking and more all available, much of it included for free to enjoy at your leisure.

Nayomi Sanctuary Resort


Nayomi Sanctuary Resort is situated at Barangay Alangilan Balete Batangas. This is one of the best places to enjoy majestic views to Taal Lake. Nayomi is surrounded by nature and offers relaxing atmosphere. You will get a feeling of home there.  

The owner of the Resort says: “Nayomi Sanctuary Resort has been offering Glamping Bell Tents since 2015. In the long run, we are always happy to hear the feedback of our guests on how refreshing our location is, which is perfect for their dream getaway every time they get to leave the busy cities.

Our resort is quiet and peaceful, which gives our guests peace of mind, and the stunning view of Batangas is a total Wow factor. At night, they can enjoy a campfire while roasting marshmallows or by simply staring at the starry night sky.  These are the things that we are sure makes our Glamping Tents unique and special. It is the serene feel of nature and a new kind of adventure, outside the four walls of our rooms.”

Nurture Wellness Village

Nurture Wellness Village is a pioneer spa and wellness industry in the Philippines. It is accredired by the Philippine Department of Tourism. Moreover, it has been a consistent recipient of Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence (2014-2016 ) as one of the Best Hotels and attractions in Tagaytay.

As you know, Tagaytay City is popular as one of the best vacation destinations because of its climate. The Resort has been named One of the 28 Most Relaxing Spas in Asia by CNN Go. It is located among coffee orchards. It provides a unique Filipino wellness experience, from its spa treatments to Filipino fusion cuisine in its restaurant.

Cathy Turvill, owner of Nurture Wellness Village, says: “Nurture Wellness Village’s Glamping activities are located amidst a big, secluded garden space. Even with that, our facilities are very comfortable, tents are air-conditioned, and offer hotel type amenities like running hot water, comfortable beds with duvets, so there is no need to sleep on mattresses on the floor.

In a way, you may say that we have elevated the glamping experience while still keeping it as relaxing and as peaceful. Our glamping packages also come with complimentary activities: tai qi in the morning, complimentary juice demo, coffee roasting demo, and the like.”

Lampara Siargao


Lampara Siargao’s glamping tents are the perfect solution to relax after a long workday. The tents are fully air-conditioned. Rest your body after a long day of surfing in one of Lampara Siargao’s glamping tents. It is located in Barangay Catangnan, very close to the popular Cloud 9 surf spot.

The owner of the Resort says: “What is unique and special about our glamping tents is that they were designed to really stand out, make a statement and much more. Our A-Frame type tents definitely catch anyone’s eyes that are passing by our property. The clean and sharp exterior contrasts the surrounding nature of coconut trees, lush green plants and grass, while at the same time complements the vast sand and the beach where these tents are situated.

The combination of the beach plus the glamping tents make a spectacular view. While the imagery outside is amazing, come inside and it just gets better: Besides the Instagram-ready interior, each of our tents is fitted with hotel-grade queen bed & duvet, ventilated with A/C and equipped with sufficient sockets for your electronics– plus a private chest for added security of your belongings. We carefully took into consideration what guests need, how they could feel comfortable, and how we can ensure that they will have the best glamping experience ever.

Imagine waking up early to be greeted by a magnificent view of the sunrise, with the sound of crashing waves and swaying leaves of coconut trees as your soundtrack. It is as cliché as it gets when you describe a dream tropical island retreat. Yet we are proud to say that it is exactly how we can describe the Lampara Siargao glamping experience.

Aside from Glamping, there are various activities that guests can enjoy such as:

– Surfing: Right in front of the Glamping site is a surf spot in Tuason Point.

– Bonfire Party: Lampara hosts this with guests a few times a week, or on Special Occasions a Big bonfire party with live music and food.

– Family Dinner: A once a week special dinner with all the guests at the hostel

– Road trips, Island hopping, Sunset Picnics and much more!”

Glamping Alona


Glamping Alona opened in February 2019. It offers classic glamping-style accommodations and different adventure activities. There is a soon-to-be-travel-buddy accommodation option, where the guests can share a tent with a stranger. Of course, it is possible to rent a private tent with a queen-sized bed. Moreover, the Resort has a swimming pool, a billiard pool, dart board, and video games. An in-house restaurant is a perfect place for having dinner with family and friends.

The owner of the Resort says: “Glamping Alona is the very first and only Glamping spot in Bohol. Located just 2km away from amazing beaches like Dumaluan, Amarella or Alona beach we offer to our guests a complete set of inclusions not only to make their stay comfortable, but also enjoyable and unforgettable. Our facilities include a swimming pool with sunbathing area, Restaurant and Bar on a 2 store building with Chill-Out area, 2 TV’s with cable channels and movies with projector, books, billiard table, darts, board games, bonfire, barbecue area, karaoke, free wifi with cable internet, and more!

We can also help our guests with their diving experiences and tours around Bohol. Renting motorbikes is also available here! We have 3 types of accommodations: Private tents with Queen size beds, Family tents for bigger groups and of course the Barkada/Shared tents.”

Anda Poseidon’s Beach Resort

Anda Poseidon’s Beach Resort is located in Bohol. It has only one glamping tent. The overwhelming response has been very positive. It is a fan only tent with 2 single beds and an outside CR. The cost is PHP 800 pesos per night.

Pili Paninap Farm


Pili Paninap Farm is a family-owned farm. It is located near the Sampaloc River with the greatest forest and fruit-bearing trees spread over four hectares.

The owner of the Farm says: “Our farm is 4.7 hectares, in Tanay, Rizal, just a few kilometers away from the jump-off points to Tinipak Rock and Mt Daraitan hiking.

People who have stayed with us say that what they enjoyed the most about the place where the peace and quiet and the relaxing atmosphere. Since we want to maintain this peacefulness, we normally limit the number of guests we welcome to less than 40 on any given night.

We normally don’t offer glamping on a regular basis, but we give it as an option to guests who want to try out camping for the first time. We know that camping can be challenging, especially if you have never done it before, so we want to make the experience as pleasant as possible for them.

For those who avail of the glamping setup, we upgrade a regular tent with full mattresses, pillows, blankets, and towels. We also provide an electric fan (if needed) and place the tent beside our river deck. They can play in the river then climb to our shower facilities and get a hot shower.

They have the option of getting their meals with us, we offer full meals using the local ingredients, and many people have raved about our food. If they prefer to cook, we can set up a kitchen and grill for their exclusive use.

After their meal, they can play outdoor games like badminton or frisbee.

At night we can set up a bonfire so they can roast marshmallows and hotdogs. We have boardgames they can use, or they can read books from our library. We can also set up an outdoor movie screen for them so they can watch their videos. If they have any special requests, we try our best to fulfill them.”

River Front Garden Resort


River Front Garden Resort is located two hours away from Metro Manila. It is a perfect destination if you have limited vacation time. They provide glamping tents with mattresses and fans or air-conditioning. At this Resort you will be as close to nature as possible. There is no WiFi there!

The owner of the Resort says: “The riverfront garden resort which opened in 2015, was one of the first resort properties to open and offer rooms with the theme “glamping”. Glamping was at the time a rare idea for the Philippines but was trending in places like Bali. Our resort owner was an avid fan of travelling and she incorporated foreign ideas into her local resort that showcases the beauty of nature. What makes our glamping different is the fact that the resort itself has created a safe man-made forested garden where people can appreciate nature in front of the river. It is also popular due to its close location to Metro Manila to allow guests living in the metropolitan to have a break from the busy city.”

Bloc Campsite


Bloc Campsite is the first glamping Resort in Laguna. It is located in Calabarzon, Cavinti. There are two options you can choose: GxB Sierra Lake Caliraya and GxB Mt. Kalugong.

North Beach Camp


North Beach Camp is located in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. Even though it is so far away from the nearest city, but it is powered by solar panels. This is one of the few camps which use solar energy for living. This is the best choice for those who want to connect with a nature and forget about daily routine and relax. There are five glamping huts for two persons. Moreover, you can bring your own tent and live there.

Glamping Philippines


Glamping Philippines offers comfortable amenities, spacious tents and stunning views. Their amazing tents can fit up to 12 people, which are perfect for big families and groups of friends. The Resort is located right along Siquijor’s beautiful beach. It is not far from the nearest city. Moreover, waterfalls and butterfly sanctuary are close to the Resort.

Noni’s Resort


The Noni’s Resorts offers glamping accommodations. It is not just tents, it is cabins complete with private infinity pools, fire pits, and floor-to-ceiling windows with views of Taal Lake and Mt. Maculot. All tents are air-conditioned. There is only one thing you must do there is relax and enjoy your vacation.

Archery-Asia & Nipa Huts


Archery-Asia & Nipa Huts, a hidden camping ground, is located in Tuble, Moalboal, and ca. 90km south of Cebu City. It offers nice bungalow with a fan and small terrace with an outstanding nature in the middle of Moalboal. There is a 3D-Archery parkour situated on a wonderful lawn with some animals.       

Soul Tribe Beach Resort


Soul Tribe Beach Resort is a luxury beachside retreat on the beautiful island of Siargao. The Resort is situated on a white sand beach with cabanas and private and outdoor showers as well as glamp site tents. The Resort offers unique experience spending your vacation close to nature in peace and relaxation.

Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort


Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort is located on tranquil Sumilon Island. The Island is known as one of Cebu’s best kept secrets and is found on the southeastern tip of the mainland. It is only 125 kilometers from Cebu City and it is close to Dumaguete. The Resort has got the Certificate of Excellence by Tripadvisor in 2019. The total area is 24 hectares. There is a natural lagoon and high mangroves. 

San Rafael River Adventure


San Rafael River Adventure is located on the banks of the Angat. The Resort is unique for its mango trees. There is a huge range of accommodation there: from glass villas to kubo cottages. It is a perfect place to relax and mingle with animals. Horses and geese roam around the property, along with rescued civets. Civets are kept in cages to ensure visitors’ safety.

Ten Cents To Heaven Leasure Camp

Ten Cents To Heaven Leasure Camp is located in Tanay. This glamping spot is the closest you can get to the Sierra Madre Mountain range. It offers relaxing accommodation, exciting outdoor activities and fun team building courses.

Sagada Heritage Village

Sagada Heritage Village is located in Sagada. It offers traditional native huts as accommodation. It is one of the best places to forget about daily routine and enjoy the nature. Even though it is far away from the civilization, there is WiFi there.

Singalong Nature Campsite Hill


Singalong Nature Campsite Hill is located in Rizal. It has a panoramic mountain view. It provides tent and kubo accommodations. The guests enjoy hiking nearby or to the mountains. It is a perfect place for adventurers: hiking in a day and enjoying camphire at night.

Punta Punta Surf Retreat


Punta Punta Surf Retreat is the best place for surfing. It is just five minutes away from the famous Cloud 9 surf break in Siargao. It offers outstanding glamping tents with ocean views, private balcony, private bathroom with open sky shower, high speed Wifi and more.

How is glamping being perceived and growing in the Philippines?

Nayomi Sanctuary Resort: “The Glamping industry is growing since Filipinos are adventurous and are always looking for something new every time they get the chance to rest outside Manila.”

Nurture Wellness Village: “Before the pandemic, Glamping was growing in the Philippines. Sadly, there is a limit to the experience right now — our Glamping is now limited to families who will book all the tents as the toilet facilities are shared, as per the mandatories of IATF and LGUs.”

Riverfront Garden Resort: “The Philippines in the past have not been popular with the idea of camping despite having the most beautiful beaches and mountains due to safety reasons. Unlike countries like Indonesia, USA and Canada where camping is a way of life and normal, we used to look down upon it. Hence, resort businesses started adapting to such weakness and improving

the style of camping into glamping. Glamping is a fun, safe and comfortable way to enjoy camping while experiencing nature.”

Glamping Alona: “From our experience many guests still do not know what the concept of Glamping means, but soon they realize that this kind of experience, getting out of the standard square concrete room, is something to recommend to their friends because is something different and brings to them great memories.”

Pili Paninap Farm: “Glamping is slowly catching on, but in our area, it is not that prevalent yet. Most of the tourists who visit Daraitan to hike and swim in the big river and they are either experienced campers or those who prefer to sleep inside a room.

However, we are seeing an increase in parents getting the glamping setup because they want their children to get the experience of sleeping in a tent then having a bonfire.

We feel that glamping is the best way to get kids and adults to start camping. By making their first few camping attempts pleasant, they will eventually get confident enough to try a down to nature camping experience.”


There you have it, our picks for the top 20 glamping resorts in the Philippines! If you are new to glamping give it a try, it is a great experience whether you like pampering or roughing it, glamping caters to you right in the middle.

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