Lumambong Beach Conservation – Our Biggest Clean-up Yet!


Perfect. That’s how we like our beach! But wishing doesn’t make it so, it takes a bit of hard work.

All the very few locals at our Lumambong beach are good at maintaining their own areas, but since the beach is largely uninhabited almost all of it is left to the wild. That’s great, except… Sometimes storms, seasonal currents and bad luck prevail and the world’s bad habit of polluting the oceans washes up on our shore.

Seeing masses of plastic trash on an otherwise idyllic beach — and no one around to do anything about it — is pretty heartbreaking.

Naturally it’s expected for us to clean the beach right in front of our own property for ourselves and our guests, but what about the other 1.4km span of beach?

The 1.4km long, largely uninhabited, and gorgeous Lumambong Beach

We’ve taken on keeping this whole big stretch of beach clean with our ambitious Lumambong Beach Conservation project, and this past Saturday was our biggest cleanup yet!

Crew showing off some filled bags

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17 folks made it out for the big day, including members of our own construction, caretaker and security crews, family members, friends and local neighbors. Even 2 tourists visiting the beach got inspired and lent a hand!

All hands on deck!

We’re sad to report that this much trash had even washed up, but in the end proud that a full 15 huge construction sacks were filled and removed from the beach and treeline area bordering it, where trash can sometimes accumulate due to tides and winds.

Plastic was segregated for recycling. No trash was spared along the beach, from small to large everyone was dedicated to getting every invasive bit out of there!

Mrs. Merlie making sure it gets done right 🙂

We say a great thank you again to all involved in the day that helped make it a success. We’ll continue our monthly cleanups to do our small part to hopefully help push back against the degradation of our oceans and coastal environments.

Great diversion – Helping the local fisherman and kids with their catch of the day

Join us if you can for our next Lumambong Beach Conservation clean-up day!

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