March Madness at Binga!

Springtime is here! Binga Beach has slowly been opening its doors to our close friends and business partners…come and take a peek at our progress.

Due to Covid-19 (is anyone else tired of saying that…?) our grand opening was delayed, however, we are happy to report that we are getting very close to opening our (brand new!) gate to the world!

Recent milestones include our newly painted boat: ZeaStar. We have been approved and certified to take up to 26 guests on boat tours! Spear fishing is optional!

ZeaStar boat from Binga Beach parked at a luxurious white sand beach
ZeaStar parked at one of our favorite spots 🙂

We have completed construction on a number of projects and are currently managing last-stage compliance requirements. These are mundane but vital accomplishments and include a complete septic system for treating and recycling ‘grey’ water.

Visiting nearby friends have reminded us how beautiful Palawan is and how warm and friendly the people are.

Following Typhoon Odette in December 2021, we had to manage several repair projects, all of which have now been completed.

Our fences were knocked down – we rebuilt them stronger. Roofs were blown off – we built them back with more robust materials. Staff homes were wrecked – we are helping to rehouse members of our team. We lost trees – we planted more. While we faced many setbacks, the team pulled together and got us back on track – even typhoons don’t stop Binga Beach!

Having survived the elements, major construction completed and ZeaStar ready to make waves we are getting ready to take guests.

Soft Opening

Groups of friends (not paying guests, mind you, we aren’t officially open yet) have been visiting Binga Beach and have loved every minute of their time with us. The accommodation, the food and drink, the entertainment, the weather, the beach, the ocean, the chess, the list goes on!

With the Philippines finally open for foreign tourism and locals able to travel more easily, Binga Beach is back!

One of our partners Phil made his first visit in 2 years and worked on the landscaping to make Binga Beach more beautiful.

Our Managing Partner Dave, who has held the fort throughout Covid-19, put Phil to work and made the most of having a fellow “Binga Beach Brother” (our company’s name, ha!) on hand.

Who else came to visit? Erm…none other than Miss Philippines 2022 Ms. Angelica Lopez and her team! They are certainly fans of beautiful places and Binga Beach didn’t disappoint. Photo-shoots at the resort, on the beach and on ZeaStar ensured everyone loved every minute of their trip!

Miss Philippines Angelica Lopez and team
Miss Philippines Angelica Lopez and team visit Binga Beach Resort

CJ the photographer and videographer made Binga Beach look like paradise, which we of course know it is. See for yourself:

Of course days on the beach and ocean cruising on ZeaStar require evening down-time and Binga Beach was a relaxing place for people to unwind.

Binga Beach’s development has come a long way:

The videos certainly boast ‘star power’ and a big shout out to CJ, his ‘Juan Take’ brand and excellent cinematography, editing and drone video skills. See more of his work here:

We were also happy to have other special guests visit during March including none other than the legendary wood craftsman Steve who has made almost all of the special furniture at Binga Beach. He brought his parents and friends and took ZeaStar up and down the coast to visit some new hidden beaches even we hadn’t heard of!

Just because we can, let’s have another look at Binga Beach:


March was a pivotal month for Binga Beach! We are getting closer to opening and have been blessed to share the resort with friends.

Soon it will be time to share Binga Beach with you! Our place is amazing and you all have to check it out soon!

Drop us an email at and we’ll get in touch…

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